French-to-English YA fiction


By Laure Dargelos

Ages 14+

A standalone cosy fantasy about a florist who will do anything to save her town, and the allies she will make on the way.


In Ellipsis, a small and quiet town lying literally between the lines of a manuscript, life revolves around the Text. Every day, letters and punctuation marks are scrubbed, polished, and patched up to preserve the word the Author wrote and abandoned many years ago.
Unlike her fellow townspeople and their passion for all things literature, Prosperina Dash has embraced a career as a florist. But when she discovers a dead body at her shop and the foundations of Ellipsis start crumbling away for no apparent reason, she sets off to the Capital in a desperate attempt to save her town from collapsing.
Together with a Text-diving champion, a snobbish man who Capitalises Every Word, and a cufflink-eating flower, Prosperina finds herself entangled in a web of long-held secrets with an unknown killer in the centre of it.

Note: the paper format contains full color illustrations and unique graphic effects. The ebook format does not.


The author’s imagination is out of this world (…). This book was an absolute joy. (Mémoire7)

The author has created an adventure that’s both madcap and tender; simply unforgettable! Stunningly creative and engrossing, it features a witty protagonist who will make you laugh out loud. (Attitude)

A novel that will charm any lover of books and literature. Whimsical, original, and enchanting, it’s got adventure in spades, humor, and a touch of romance. All in all, a fantastic book. (JMS)

This is not your ordinary YA novel. It comes with a burst of craziness, a dash of humor, and emotion. (Cultura Puilboreau)

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